Our third gig back at the Bull n Bush Hotel.
We’d had quite a break since our last shows in May. Almost 5 months between shows which is fine by me.
As a full time musician I work 3-6 shows every week. 70% of my work is solo gigs, 20% Duo and 10% band work.
The Crowdies Show is set up to play 8-12 times a year and its exactly how we like it.

Because we play so sporadically we need to have a very flexible line up of players.
When I get a gig offer I need to coordinate 4 other players to be available in order for us to accept the date.

For this reason I have a bunch of musicians on call, we have 3 guitarists, 5 bass players, 4 drummers, 3 keys players that I can call on for any gig. I need this many as many times several players are not available as they’re also making their living performing in multiple band projects.

This night we had the incomparable Terry Mandryk on guitar. Terry was a member of classic Sydney 90s hard rock band De Mont. He’s an eccentric character,  a great guitarist and a hilarious guy to behold on stage especially in a bright orange suit 🙂

Tonight’s gig was our third Bull n Bush Hotel show and we were thrilled to be playing gain after a 5 month break.
The first set was great as usual for this venue – its a late – 10pm start, the punters are certainly raring to go at this time.

I chatted to a few ladies in the break who had ventured all the way from the Sutherland Shire to see the show for a girls night out.
I was happy to see my facebook paid ad had worked once again and reached people so far away from the local area, but more importantly, the ad did its work and prompted the ladies to make the journey all the way to Baulkham Hills to catch the show.

The staff here are friendly and the sound gear and sound guy Tim are just great to work with.
The stage lighting and sound are delightful which enables us to present well. And the ability to load in and out really quickly saves us lots of time.

It was great to be playing with the guys again and bust out those Crowded House and Split Enz pop tunes for an attentive pub crowd.

The last set is always the messiest, by that I mean its late, people have been drinking for hours and are just out to have a great time.
This is when if it suits we might throw in a few rock cover songs that we all know just to spice things up a little.
We did Queen’s ‘Crazy little Thing’ and I think we did a fast rock n roll medley just to see how fast intoxicated people can move.

We always love this gig and look forward to more in the coming years.
The best thing about it is that it is a pub gig so we can cut loose and have fun.
It’s also a free show which attracts not only Crowdies fans but people that happen to just be in the hotel for a night out.

This makes our job more of a challenge to entertain non die hard fans which we love.

See you soon i’m sure – we love the Bull!