The second leg of our 2 gig Western NSW jaunt – Parkes Services Club.

The thing about road trips with the band is we often have entire days to fill before the gig.
So i suggested we be tourists and find something to do out here before we went to the gig to set up at Parkes Services Club.

Some of us went to the Parkes Observatory to see The Dish and learn about space stuff.
It’s worth a visit, we saw an informative film about space and Satellites and I bought some freeze dried Astronaut space food for fun, some Neapolitan ice cream.

We check into our accommodation which was a nice motel near the club.
We arrived at the gig early afternoon. The auditorium was upstairs but thank goodness they had an elevator for load in.

We set up and sound checked and got familiar with the backstage area and hung up our costumes for later.
The stage was a classic old club stage, very roomy and set high.

We’d also heard the news that just 2 days ago the iconic Aussie guitarist Phil Emmanuel had sadly and suddenly passed away form an asthma attack in this very town of Parkes while here for a weekend of shows.
We chatted about him and told stories of times we’d seen him perform. I’d met him once and he was super friendly guy. Such a loss for the music industry, farewell Phil 🙁

After a nice dinner at the club bistro we got ready for out first set. Tim the bass player joined us late for dinner as he went for a run first, what a champion.
It was a great turnout. Long trestle tables were set up with chairs all throughout the room with a space up front for dancing.

The audience were vocal and appreciative.
When I introduce the the band during our second set I often affectionally call our guitarist Danny De Vito as he has the similar stature and build to the rotund and stocky actor himself. Bruno doesn’t mind, we all have a laugh and the audience always loves it.

During the second set a well oiled local middle aged lady was singing very loudly right up front of the stage.
Somehow mid song without me noticing she’d made her way onto the stage, uninvited i might add.
She basically invaded the stage on Bruno’s side to my right and decided it was karaoke night and started to sing into Bruno’s microphone – in the middle of our performance.

Being a relatively tame and mild club in the country, security weren’t used to this and basically barely noticed.
Bruno was kind of resisting her advances as she was grabbing him, grabbing the mic and squawking like banshee into his mic.

Our sound guy quickly turned off the mic to save our song from being ruined.
Bruno was looking across at me as if to say sorry, what should I do?
We stopped the song and I politely thanked her for her contribution and I signaled for her to leave the stage.

She wouldn’t leave so Bruno had to wrestle with her a little, it was all a laugh. The band guys and the audience thought it was quite funny, security were no where to be seen, they must have been busy in another room?

So Bruno eventually gently coaxed her away from the now turned off mic and she shuffled down the steps off the stage to a cackling audience.
She got to the floor, swaggered a long a few steps, then looked upwards towards the high stage waggling her finger and exclaimed “fu*k you Danny DeVito”.

The band the audience and the staff erupted into a combination of hysterics and bewildered amusement, this was great entertainment.
She was the centre of attention now, she again yelled out , this time some unintelligible mumblings and ended her tirade with…. again….”so fu*k you Danny DeVito”

After the band had calmed down and wiped the tears of laughter from our eyes we managed to continue the show to a great result with no more stage invasions.

Management were happy and approached me for a re booking.

These are are best gigs, when something exciting happens.
We spent the next hour packing up with at least one of us every 3-4 mins re enacting the drunk lady’s skit and yelling “fu*k you Danny DeVito” at no one in particular, we just wanted to replay the scene over and over like a classic film line.

It was even better than a film because it was real. We’ll never forget Parkes Services Club.

We’ll be back for sure – see you soon!