Our second gig here since our inaugural gig in 2016 at The Dapto Citizens Bowling Club.
It’s always fun to play on the South Coast. I play solo and Duo a lot down here at some awesome venues like Club Narooma and some Batemans Bay venues.

Such a beautiful part of the country that has never had a railway line put in all the way down the coast which has enabled the region to remain village like and not so developed as typical bigger coast towns.

Dapto is not far down the South Coast , only just south of Wollongong and it sits west of the magnificent lake Illawarra.

Its a classic old club building with a huge roomy and high stage perfect for touring bands.
No green room as such so at gigs like this we have to – um yeah , use the toilets to get changed in.

The staff treated us well with lots of drink tickets and a meal which is always a nice touch when we’re travelling and driving so much to and from the show.

The first time we played here in 2016 things got a bit crazy when a lady I met outside while having a smoke called Debbie Rose suggested that her and I swap tops for the last set.

She asked would you like to do that , I said WOULD I? – Absolutely lets do it.
So I wore her tight top and she wore my shirt.
That was a crazy gig. I’m glad to say I’ve lost considerable weight since then – that was definitely my fat Elvis period.

Tonight there were no such sartorial activities, just a great rock show and a good time had by all.
It was a nice turnout for a free show and we certainly got some nice singalongs happening with all joining in – see the clip below.

On sound we had the amazing Matt Allcock from NoiseFlash Productions. He is such a pro and all round cool guy, with fantastic gear and attitude.

He impressed us all with a detailed explanation of condenser mics v standard mics by pulling one apart during our break and giving us a tech lesson.

The audience were really into the show, we had moments of a packed dance floor and some some rocking good times.

Check out this spectacular vocal work from the good people of Dapto on ‘Better Be Home Soon’
Better Be Home Soon – Dapto Citizens Bowlo – Nov 2018

After the show I drove through the night with my lovely lady down the coast to the town of Narooma. We checked in very late to the Tree Motel and the next day I did a solo show at Club Narooma before the 5 hour drive home.
Gods Country as they say.

We hope to play Dapto Citizens Bowlo again as its absolutely worth the drive down there to play. We can deal with toilets for changing rooms so long as you sing well and make us feel great as you certainly did tonight.

Thanks Dapto – see you again next year maybe!