One of my favourite shows so far for the Crowdies Show was this fun Festival gig at Tea Gardens, in the Port Stephens area of NSW.

The Myall River Festival is an annual street festival running the length of the main street which runs adjacent to the serene Myall river.

Locals have stalls selling artisan crafts and food which runs for about 800m all the way along the riverside. They have a truck stage set up on the grass next to the street opposite the Tea Gardens Hotel.

This year it was set up in a slightly new position and unfortunately due to the overhanging powerlines the covered stage roof was a lot lower that it should be, still enough room for us tall guys in the band though.
The huge stage and production was supplied by the effervescent Newcastle music agent Chris Varley and his agency Vibe Venue Consultants.

The sound guy on the job pulled a great sound – check out the clip below.
It was actually an overcast day but that didn’t stop the turnout. People milled around outside the Tea Gardens Hotel.

They could also see us from the beer garden, a nice position to be I’d say.
Families and festival fans sauntered up and down the main street checking out the stalls with some sitting on a few chairs outside the pub awaiting the band to start.

We were scheduled to play pre and post sunset and it was shaping up to be a great gig in a great setting.
Though the rain did eventually come in spurts during the first set and then later in the second set for 7 min mini rain showers and dampened the street and the dancers it certainly didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the crowd.

People danced in the rain after we encouraged them to not let a little water stop them from having a good time.
The hotel provided us with delicious Pizza and lots of drinks.

Ben the hotel owner was delighted as this is a huge day for him and the community.
Thanks so much to Margaret Tierney and the Myall Coast Chamber Of Commerce & Tourism for putting on this wondrous event and for booking the Crowdies Show for this cool event – The Myall River Festival.

This is a great summer holiday destination in the beautiful Port Stephens area and its well worth a visit to the Tea Gardens and to the hotel which you can also access by Ferry from Nelson Bay to a wharf right opposite the hotel.

The town also has many motels as well as Hotel accommodation which is popular in summer time.

Here is a great little clip from the day that shows the rain and Aiden’s awesome keys solo and his rock star moves.
The sound was truly spectacular and you can hear it right here in this clip.
Chocolate Cake – live at Myall River Festival Oct 2018
This was our first gig in the area and we were shortly re booked to play the Tea Gardens Hotel which we are looking forward to – see you back here soon!