This was about our 6th show at this venue having played here fairly regularly at least once a year at the amazing Mingara Recreation Club on the Central Coast.

Aiden and I had 2 gigs this day. December is typically the busiest month of the year for gigs for most musicians as its party time for many companies and businesses and its summer time, the grass is high and so are most of the population.

We did a wonderful family company event nearby at 12-3pm booked by Greg Stephenson from the sensational catering company Cateraid.
So after that gig Aiden and I rested a little in at his place in Killarney Vale in what was an intensely hot summer day.
We were both excited to be playing an indoor club show this night where we could at least escape the heat.

We had Jason on sound and we had the best Crowdies lineup of great players all set to rock the house at Mingers one more time.
With Alex Quayle on Drums, Tim McArtney on Bass, Bruno on guitar and Aiden and I we were ready to lay down those Finn tunes one more time.

We ate a delicious asian stir fry meal as we usually do there at Mingers.
We always look forward to this gig as its a nice big club with a huge stage and a huge dance floor.
The load in is quite a long journey from the carpark but most of us have trolleys and thank goodness there is an elevator.

The main auditorium where touring acts play is down the back end of the club where the likes of the biggest Aussie touring acts have entertained the good folk of Tumbi Umbi (yes that is the suburb name).
Neil Finn himself has graced this stage when touring his first solo record back in the late 90’s.

One time we played in the lounge when Shannon Noll was playing in the auditorium. it was fortuitous for us as his crowd ventured in to see us once his show was over and we automatically doubled our audience – Thanks Shannon.

We’ve shot lots of footage at these Mingara gigs as the dance floor lends it self to being quite packed and furious especially during the upbeat and poppy Enz tunes.
Our main overview clip on the home page – the footage of ‘Six Months In A Leaky Boat’ and of ‘I see Red’ are shot at Mingara gigs.

We also have a few ‘Mingers’ (as the locals call it) clips on our youtube channel.
If you check out some of the youtube clips, you’ll catch some of the whacky banter times we have with the audiences there.

Those Central Coast folk are good ole Aussie heartland people, who are especially lighthearted and never take themselves too seriously.

We recommend a visit to the club to catch a show, the music is always high quality and the club has multiple restaurants and also some quick easy food options and a rad cafe.

Check out this great clip from this show at Mingara with some mighty keen dancers.
Now We’re Getting Somewhere – Mingara Dec 2018 

See you soon Mingara – we’ll be back!