It was Xmas Eve on the Central Coast and we were invited to headline the Shelly Beach Golf Club’s annual family Xmas event on the  golf course.
This is an annual summer event for the club and it’s a free family event held in the daytime with the headline act crossing over into the night time.

It’s always fun to play a festival show outdoors on a big stage. And right alongside the amazing Shelly beach it doesn’t get much better than that on a Xmas Eve.

There were food stalls galore with huge lines to get some delicious Nachos or Battered Savs. They had an out door beer garden with a roped off area that was well run.

The lady from Shelly Beach Golf Club who booked us  – Stephanie Vidler is super professional and easy to work with.

The stage was well set up with a covered back stage area with chairs. and a backstage parking area for all the performers.

They had many acts on throughout the day, choir groups, various ages from kids to elderly groups singing heavenly carols to the huge throng of families and groups of drinkers spread across the huge expanse of the golf green right out side the back end of the club.

We started around dusk at 7pm and got a great response from the crowd. Crowdies & Enz songs are classic 80s-90s material so of course it covers a wide age demographic perfect fro a family event.

We had our usual Drummer Alexie Pigot playing Bass with us on this gig – his first crack at Bass with us and he did a spectacular job. A multi talented boy our Alexie.

Then it came to Bruno (guitar) and his mad antics. Bruno has a wireless radio receiver instead of the usual cable for his guitar so for gigs that suit like this one he loves to leap off the stage and run around the audience whilst playing a screaming solo.
He has footage of this somewhere that i’ll post here when I can.

Bruno is the consummate entertainer, he really understands stagecraft and knows how to get people involved rather than just standing on stage like a statue.
This is why he is such a valuable part of our show.

We played under lights until about 9pm when the event was over and the families slowly packed up and headed home to celebrate Xmas Eve.

The Mobile Truck Stage was fun, we’d worked with these guys before for a Council gig in Sutherland.

Everything about the event was great. Great staff and set up and such wonderful weather for a fantastic family Xmas Eve celebration.

We got some nice facebook reviews from the gig and we impressed the club to re book us for regular gigs inside in the coming months.

Here’s a fun little snippet of a Wiggles song we did – as it was a family day with loads of kids we wanted to entertain them as well!
Rock a Bye Your Bear – Shelly Beach Golf Club – Dec 2018.

We hope to see you again good people of Shelly Beach!