Our second gig at this great Hills District and iconic Sydney venue. The Bull n Bush.
We especially love this venue so far as a (hopefully) regular gig, as the production (sound & lighting) is supplied by the venue.

This means that all bands that play at the Bull n Bush Hotel don’t need to provide all their own PA equipment.
This is incredibly convenient as it saves many hours of early arrival, lugging in gear, setting it up and sound checking.

Of course the fee is lower for any gig where the venue supplies production, however the fee is fine and still commensurate for our time there.

The reason this venue has their own production is because it is set up as a band venue.
They are smart. They have a great stage with a really great back door load in right to the stage itself.

They gear is installed permanently and is fully set up for any band to walk in , plug in and play.
This means they can book just about any band they like. Bands love gigs with production supplied provided they have faith that the gear and the operator is competent and that they can pull a great sound.

The thing is the out front sound that the audience hears is ‘out of control’ of the band – it ‘in the hands’ of the operator who is not the usual bands personal sound guy.

However we know from our first gig there in 2017 that the sound guy Tim is the same sound guy they have week in week out. He knows the gear and is a great operator.

We had the zany Ian Mason on guitar who uses some cool effects that can alter his guitar tuning as needed for particular songs and keys we play in.

We had our long time drummer Paul Novosel on drums. He’s played with a host of country music stars and also Paul Kelly!
He’s a huge Paul Hester fan and has the ‘Pearl’ logo on his kick drum converted to ‘Paul’ just as Hester did, nice touch Paul!

We had long term keys player Aiden Danser and Fabian Bethuizeau on Bass, who also plays Drums with the Crowdies Show when needed – a talented young man.

We arrived late in the evening as it’s a late gig this one – 10pm-12.30am.
Kim Lovell is a fantastic manager and always treats us well.

The Baulkham hills folk prefer to wait until the witching hours before they let their hair down and get busy on the dance floor, suits us fine.

Both sets were rocking and fun and being a pub not a club gig we were able to cut loose and relax by being funny, silly, and having extended banter with the audience.
The people here are relaxed and casual so we can be the same.

The real Crowded house are the most UN serious band live – whilst having superb songs and great skill, Neil Finn loves to entertain with banter, stories, humorous quips, mostly improvised.

This is a rare skill it seems given the fact the majority of live bands tend not to chat much at all.

Another great show – see you soon mad Bull n Bush party people!