Woo hoo, another double header weekend of away gigs for the band!
This time we head out to the wild western plains of NSW to the quaint town of Orange to play Orange Ex Services Club and then on Saturday night to the amazing town of Parkes to play Parkes Services Club.

These are both ticketed auditorium shows so we needed to be on our best behaviour and present two rocking great shows.

We drove the 200km to the town of Orange and at this time of year in autumn the town is a gorgeous golden colour with ancient trees that adorn the main streets creating a midas touch type vista.

Also it has been known to snow in winter and even in May 2011 it snowed in the main town.

We’ve played here twice before and they were both Dinner shows with a seated audience buying tickets for a meal and show deal.
Orange Ex Services has been doing this for a few years now and they did it well last time, tonight was no exception. They do table service for drinks and it’s run quite well.

For the sound this weekend we had Dominic Cutcliffe from Purple Sound.

I’ve employed Dom for years over many gigs and he is one of the most professional and laid back cool cat sound guys ever. Has great gear, great attitude and is a really funny guy to boot.

He takes his road trailer hitched to his wagon for big road trips like this. I’ve taken him to QLD with us and hired him for many many NSW gigs over the years. I’d highly recommend Dom if any bands are reading this.

This weekend we had the regular line up of Aiden Danser on Keys, Bruno Gerace on guitar and Paul Novosel on Drums, this time on Bass we has the super cool cat Tim McArtney. Tim is a renowned Sydney producer, solo act, and Bass guy.

The sound was great, the gig was great. I had some friends at the gig I know from this area who I met when doing solo gigs on the Central coast , they are farmers out here and have a beach house on the Coast.

David & Alison Dinham had been Canola farmers for years before deciding to change tack and buy Norland Fig Orchard near Orange.
See the next blog for some Orchard visiting tales.

Dave & Alison are keen dancers and graced the dance floor with their spectacularly elegant but eccentric gyrations during our sets – Dave almost always dons a mawkish Hawaiian shirt – that’s his style and I love it!

Our accomodation for this gig I must say rates amongst the best we’ve had over the years. The club owns Mercure Orange adjacent to the club, nice rooms, great staff, we always feel grateful for this gig and they way we are treated.

After the gig we enjoyed some nice beverages on the balcony and Aiden & I chatted until the wee hours.

We had a band breakfast in a local cafe on Sat morning – and I copped a parking ticket, which was slightly annoying but our attention soon diverted to the next job at hand the short 70min drive to the next town – Parkes.

See next blog for for our adventures on that gig – it was a wild one!