The second leg of hour 900km return weekend jaunt up the coast to the Crescent Head Country Club.
We’ve played here a few times now and I also often play duo gigs up here in summer time.

A windswept & wondrous small town with a fantastic bakery and beach.
Crescent Head Country Club is an old club which is basically ONE BIG ROOM yet in the old fashioned way it has a proper stage with curtains and a back stage area complete with a bathroom.

The stage has an extendable front and they have in house lighting.

For such a small club building it was definitely purpose built back in the day with Live Entertainment as a priority, when live music was the main reason to go out – pre late 1980s pokie mania.

They also have an old fashioned bistro with a carvery and they serve HUGE roast meals at about $21 a piece with all you can eat salad to boot.

After a firm but friendly tussle with management regarding our start time – the boss agreed to let us finish our meals and we started as per our contracted time at 8.30pm.

The Crescent Head audience was mostly families of locals – all ages, then later some younger ones sauntered in for a look at the band.

We most definitely got em dancing and singing. I think we even threw in a wiggles song for a laugh.

The club always provide nice local accomodation at the austere but totally rock n roll Main Ski Inn or something similar, however this time due to a relatively early finish some of us decided to scarper home – driving through the night in the wee hours to be able to wake up at home and make use of a home style Sunday.

I wasn’t driving this time so it was fine with me.

Aiden and I listened to lots of cool tunes on the drive home, stopping for roadside coffees in true rock n roll style.

A wee clip of ‘I See Red’ from this gig