Another 900km road trip for the boys – up the coast we went this crisp winter weekend to play first at Tea Gardens Hotel following last years outdoor festival gig there. Then the following night we played again at Crescent Head Country Club.

This gig at Tea Gardens was amazing. Such a great turnout for a winters night in a small town.
Again the paid facebook ad has worked its wonders and pulled a few extra people.

With Anthony Keena on sound we rolled into town, checked into our cool little cabin rooms, set up and sound checked in the late afternoon.
Hotel owner Ben Hanson supplied us with some delicious beverages and a superb meal deal.

We took the stage for our first set and wow – there was a fair crowd waiting for us.
The Crowdies Set was great – then we rocked the house for the Enz set after a quick break in the cabins.

Vince played some screaming solos, Aiden slammed out some mad keys chops, while Alexie bashed the drums like a mad dog.

The boss was happy with the winter time turn out and said he can’t wait for our return in summer.

We packed down, had a few post gig drinks and told stories before retiring for the night.
We then had a band breakfast in a local cafe before the drive north to the next town for a somewhat quieter gig.

its such a pleasure to drive away for a weekend with brilliant musicians, brilliant company and be treated so well by the venues, audience and towns folk that make the effort to come out and see us – see you in summer time!

Check out some clips from this gig!
Shark Attack Live at Tea Gardens Hotel – Fri 31 May 2019
Six Months In A Leaky Boat – Live at Tea Gardens Hotel – Fri 31 May 2019 – Screaming guitar !